Customized jar opener as geoswag

I found this customized jar opener in a cache. I like the idea. Light, foldable to fit in many cache sizes, and useful.

2014-07-13 16.53.57


I searched for a supplier online and found:

Minimum order 250 at $1.19 a piece. A nice idea for personalized geoswag but a bit pricey since they have to be ordered in bulk.


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Recent swag – glass cabachons

mSJpdVCZPZDKad7w93vhnNABought 18mm glass dome cabachons from a supplier on eBay and started making more fridge magnet swag. It’s very similar to glass marble magnets, but the half dome glass has a lot less distortion.



2014-07-09 19.30.49a 2014-07-09 19.31.10a


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Geoswag found recently


GLEKDVJ5 Cute handpainted clam shell


GC3EW0H Sportmax penny signature item

071a  073a

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More handpainted lucky pennies

Handpainted lucky pennies Handpainted lucky pennies by Lone R Handpainted lucky pennies by Lone R 

Handpainted lucky pennies tutorial

Lucky pennies collection

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New cool geoswag find

I’m not a religious type of person but I thought this cross find was cool, especially because I found it in a cache at a church:

Paracord cross found in a geocache at a church GC3GPG8

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Make cut down pencils to add to geocaches as your swag item

I like to leave cut down pencils in caches that don’t have a writing utensil. They will also fit in many micros. I often write “Left by Lone R” on the pencil.

Cut down pencils ina  bead jar


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Plastic animal key fobs

Plastic animals are one of the more popular trinkets in geocaches. I found a fun little project that turns them into key fobs. Spray paint them gold, or any colour that tickles your fancy – a pink elephant would be cute. Let dry. Spray paint them with a clear coat. Screw in an eye screw. Attach a key ring. 

Plastic animal key fobs

(The hippo is an example of an original, not painted, plastic animal)



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