Big Mamma44 plastic coin signature item

Plastic personalized coin. Nice idea. Wonder what it costs to get these made?

Found today:


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My newest sig item: I Love Geocaching glass cabachon magnets

Made these last week and will be putting them in the next caches I find. If you find one please let me know. :)


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TheWilliams_6 signature items

Found these in the Safari series by the African Lion Safari. Nice signature items. I saw the a painted rocks on their instagram page and finally got to find one in person. They paint the rocks then apply scrapbook lettering.


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Another Red Rose tea figurine find

I have a soft spot for these little figurines. I remember, as a child, the anticipation of opening a new box of tea, wondering what figurine might be inside.

I found this sweet little British-style house in an ammo can geocache on the weekend. Now I have 2 – a camel and this house. Traded it for 2 of my Dr Who handcrafted fridge magnets – the War Doctor and Silurian.



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Today’s geoswag find: camo bracelet by hypatia 53

Really liked today’s geoswag find – a handcrafted camo-colour chevron friendship bracelet by hypatia 53. Great colours, looks snake-like.

007  006  009a

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More gold

Got a message that someone local is hoping to find a golden elephant so fixed up another one to put into a new future cache hide. And while I was at it made a golden cow and golden gorilla.

Golden animals

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A couple of recent swag finds

A very cool piece of geoswag, found in a cache in Lovell Park – a Red Rose Tea camel figurine. Also found a nice peace ring from Millsie1 (forgot which cache I found the ring in).

021 022 023

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