2 new notable swag finds

Found a couple of interesting swag items last week. An official disney pin and a mean Horror Block octopus patch.

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Latest magnets and wooden coins


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Geoswag Find: Bottle Cap Geocaching Logo

foto_no_exif (6)

Cute little bottle cap trinket. Reminds me of girl scout projects. Found in Laurel Creek Conservation Area.

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Geocaching embroidered patch

Just a roadside cache by a housing complex, but it turned out to have a really nice swag item, a geocaching themed embroidered patch. Looks like it may have come from Quebec. It has a fleur-de-lis maple leaf.


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Pressed penny geoswag

It pays to do cache maintenance. Found this pressed penny while out upgrading one of our caches.


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Fun find: Sherman bobblehead

What a delightful surprise to find this Sherman bobblehead doll in one of our caches today.


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Cute owl geoswag

Found this cute owl in a geocache. It looks hand sewn. It’s only about an inch and half tall. Would be a cute signature item for anyone who is handy with a needle and thread. And especially fun for anyone with an ‘owl’¬†trailname.


I searched the web for a tutorial for it and found one:


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