Not geocaching much lately

In October my interests turned to Little Free Libraries. I found a couple of geocaches in Little Free Libraries, then checked the site. There are a LOT of these beauties in my area. Should keep me busy for months visiting, photographing and admiring each one, and also reading more books.


All the containers are unique, almost always in very nice neighbourhoods, dry, with decent contents, maintained often, sometimes daily by caring owners.

Each book I borrow gets a ID number for tracking, should anyone who borrows it next be interested in tracking and logging book finds. I also like to add a little something artsy/crafty that I make, like a bookmark, postcard or notebook.

I get a lot of walking in because there are enough in some areas that I can explore a 2 km square area and visit 4-8 little libraries.  Very motivational to leave the car and do some walking instead.

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Found 2 swag items this week

I thought these 2 pieces of geoswag were fun finds for their handmade quality. 

This wood coin smiley, painted yellow and hand drawn. 

And this stone with a hand drawn key. It was a little smudged but I like it and might try hand painting a stone. 

I only wish I knew who made them. And if the geocachers who dropped them off made them. 

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Geocaching thumbtacks

My new thing. Geocaching thumbtacks. I hope to get some out to caches this weekend.

Here’s a photo of the tacks at work on a geoswag inspiration board.

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Handmade zinc washer geocoins

Made my own geocoins with 1″ zinc washers, laser jet printed images and nail polish.

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More shoe tags

Made more shoe tags:

Previous shoe tags


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Sun and moon book

Found this interesting pocket book in a large watertight cache recently. It’s a real treat to find a watertight cache large enough for a different assortment of quality items. 

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Pink paracord 

Found a cute pink paracord bracelet in a cache. 

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