One of the best things about geocaching is the geoswag. The stuff in the box. A well-stocked, well-maintained cache in a water tight container is a joy to behold. I love to swish through the contents and look for that special piece of swag for my collection. I especially appreciate handmade items – something made by a cacher’s own hands. They are one-of-a-kind unique creations. I also enjoy making my own geoswag. This blog celebrates geoswag.

If you’ve found one of my swag items please leave a comment. I’d love to know what you found and where you found it.

My geoswag | Found geoswag

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17 Responses to Geoswag

  1. Pasha88 says:

    Hey Lone R!! Great blog. Thanks so much for the shout out on my geobuddies – I am currently making round 2 altered a little to be more flexible, so keep an eye out for them.

    Today I picked up one of your magnets with a quote from… me!! It was the owl one – the quote was from a cache in Warren PA that I found with akela31 and his son when we went down for GWS9. I saw it and instantly had a huge smile on my face. Thanks so much for reminding me of this awesome trip, and for giving me something to remember it by!! Your swag is awesome – keep it coming!

    • *R* says:

      How cool is that?! I’m so glad you stumbled upon your own quote. When I read your quote (can’t remember where now, it’s been a few years), I thought it was monty-python-ish and so true for geocaching. 😀 Thanks for visiting my geoswag blog to let me know you found the owl card. Much appreciated.

      A Pasha quote laminated card

  2. Hi, I haven’t found any of your items as I think I’m on the wrong continent – I live in Spain – but I just wanted to tell you that you have been an inspiration to me and my little team of cachers.
    I came across your blog somehow and I thought your handmade items were a great idea….
    We have started making our own items and have set up a blog to show them off and hopefully to allow people to let us know when they find them. Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration, your tutorials are great too and I hope you’ll do more of them.
    Our blog is at if you want to have a look at what we are doing.

    • Lone R says:

      Excellent! Nice swag card, I like the addition of a QR code. Your bead work is great. I’m so honoured to hear that I’ve inspired you. 🙂

  3. The Zeocachers says:

    Found the Lone R on St Pete Beach:) we love finding cool new swag too. Thanks!!!

  4. dwletson says:

    Found one of your Geo-Magnets in “Resident Cache” awesome find! Picked it up 😀 thanks for the awesome swag!!

  5. mundy77 says:

    Found your magnet geoswag today in Fergus,’s of a winter scene..very beautiful and I was really thrilled to find it!! Thanks for making my day!! mundy77.

  6. p.odonnell says:

    Found a key ID ring today in Arthur. Great idea – thanks! I’m pretty crafty myself, so now you have me thinking about what I can make! 🙂

  7. gdaybloke says:

    Found a key identification ring in Mmm Muffins – looking at the logs on the ‘cache, you must have hit it before we did today, but we got our log in first 😉

    • Lone R says:

      Oh yeah, the swamp muffins cache. That was a nice trail and boardwalk. The “blue gator” info board was odd. I tried a google search and found nothing about it – must be an April Fools trail sign. 🙂 Thanks for choosing the my sig item gdaybloke and posting your find here.

  8. Team Smitner says:

    Hi LoneR
    We went in search for our first Geocache on March 15th and we walked away with the key identification ring you left behind.

    Great idea! So much fun. We can’t wait to go on our next search!!

  9. The Blue Quasar says:

    Hey there LoneR… grabbed one of your rings at a cache in Dundas.

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