I Read Banned Books Bracelet

Found a very cool swag item while doing a maintenance run. I stocked the ammo can with lots of goodies and took this bracelet for my collection. It’s perfect for my line of work. (Whoever left it, did so anonymously. If by chance they read this blog…….Thank you. :)) :

I Read Banned Books bracelet    I Read Banned Books Bracelet

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5 Responses to I Read Banned Books Bracelet

  1. Kimba says:

    Whoa! I want one of those!
    My bookclub (actually just a few friends of mine) are reading all banned books.
    What a great swag.

    ~Kimba (the Lonely Nut)

  2. Lone R says:

    I’m wearing the bracelet at work today. 🙂

  3. Carolyn Forsman says:

    Hello I’m the designer of the bracelet and it can be bought on my website
    There is also a necklace and pins

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