Labelling geoswag

Jensen & Ella's Geoswag

Scrunchie geoswag brightly labelled and placed in a baggie

Nice to see other cachers that label and baggie their geoswag. Found this in “Limestone Cache”. Jensen & Ella’s brightly coloured presentation adds a nice touch to their scrunchie swag.

J & E geoswag scrunchies

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2 Responses to Labelling geoswag

  1. Jenifer G-J says:

    Cool! That’s me! And the rest of the Jensen&Ella team 🙂
    We were just putting together some swag today, actually. Although the printer is low on ink, so it’s not nearly as bright. Next time though.

    I’ve seen hair elastics in caches before, but it made me say “gross” because you don’t know if it’s been worn, or if it’s damp or whatever. I figured if I bagged it up and labelled it, people would know they’re new. I also started writing on the back of the tag “new and unused when placed”.

    I also figure people of all ages wear hair elastics, as well as both guys and girls. More girls than guys but whatever.

    Great site! We got here via your “Bring a GPS… it’s awkward when you have to eat your buddies” magnet. Not sure where (or when) we got it, but my hubby was in love! Ha!

    Today’s project was bagging glow sticks, play doh eggs and a small stuffed toy. I got a bunch of them for 47 cents each (normally $4) and figured they’re small enough for a bigger cache or an ammo can. So I bagged one up, stuck a label in it and squeezed the air out.

    Happy caching! I’m collecting ideas! 🙂

    • Lone R says:

      Hello Jenifer. It’s fantastic to hear from people whose swag I’ve showcased. I’m thrilled at how many geo-swag friendly people there are in our area. Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your latest projects. Looking forward to seeing them in the caches I visit. 🙂

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