Trying my hand at polymer clay coins and fobs

Trying my hand at polymer clay. I’ve got some stamps that I thought I’d press into clay and see what happens. Here are a few of my creations so far:

My first try:

Girl with flowers handcarved pendant

Sculpey gold, handcarved stamp (original design), permanent archival dye ink

Other creations so far:

This is going to be my dog’s signature item:

Paw stamp polymer clay pendant

Gold sculpey, commercial paw stamp, permanent dye ink

Smiley face coins:

Smiley polymer clay coins

Gold sculpey, handcarved smiley stamp, permanent dye ink

Compass rose pendant:

Antique compass rose pendant

Gold sculpey, colour laser printer image

The compass rose pendant was simple to make. Press the image face down on to polymer clay. Spritz with water to wet the paper. Rub off the back of the paper. You can still see bits of white paper on the image above (they were rubbed off later). Back at 275F for 15 minutes. Done. Video demo on YouTube

Inkjet printed images will not work. Must be laserjet printed.

One lesson I learned – print the mirror image of the item you are transferring. In Word you click the Page Layout tab then click Rotate then click Flip Horizontally.

Second lesson learned – if you rub too hard you can warp the image.

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