Shrink Plastic and Glass Marbles

My new found geoswag material is Shrink Plastic also known by the product name “Shrinky Dinks”. Can’t remember how I stumbled upon this stuff. Pretty sure I saw something on the web. It was 50% off coupon week at Michaels so I picked up a pack of clear Shrinky Dinks and experimented. Like it so much I decided I’d try the inkjet version of Shrinky Dinks but didn’t have a colour inkjet printer. I’d been meaning to buy one and prices are good so I purchased a Canon Pixma printer for $80. Here are some samples of what I made with the inkjet plastic and the clear plastic:

Snowman on shrink plastic

Clear shrink plastic. I used Sharpie pens to trace this snowman from a rubberstamp catalogue.

A variety of images on inkjet shrink plastic and on clear shrink plastic

Inkjet shrinky dinks plastic. I made a couple of souvenir geoswag pieces for 2 of our caches – one four our dog cache and one for our cache hanging in an evergreen tree.

My other recent project – more marble magnets. GEO car decal graphic:


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6 Responses to Shrink Plastic and Glass Marbles

  1. obax says:

    Wow, nice fox tags!

  2. Jenifer says:

    Those are beautiful! Wow! You are talented!
    I need to start following you to caches so I can finally get some half decent swag… we’re the cachers who trade the doll with gross hair, rocks and various receipts for a keychain, a couple of bouncy balls, a wrapped McToy and some of our packaged up hair elastics. Plus we wipe out the cache a rebag the logbook!
    We’re Jensen&Ella and no I’m not bitter… okay maybe a little 😉

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