Latest geoswag – Dr. Who


I’ve been leaving Dr. Who fridge magnets for the last month.

Weeping angels go into cemetery cache finds.

2015-03-20 13.38.30

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9 Responses to Latest geoswag – Dr. Who

  1. Rainy day rovers says:

    Hey! New to Geocashing and found your Dr who magnet tardis at a cemetery today. Have to return later to leave something small as we only had larger items with us.

    • ** says:

      Wonderful! Sounds like you’re enjoying the pastime. Thanks so much for dropping by to let me know you found one of my DR Who handcrafted geoswag magnets.

  2. Magdalene says:

    Found a dr who tardis in Napanee. Awesome cache container and swag inside. Made it worth the being eaten alive by mosquitoes part. Thanks for putting so much effort to make this. It looks great on my fridge.

    • *R* says:

      Thanks Magdalene. I’m so glad you like the magnet. And I especially like that it’s on your fridge. Thanks for letting me know where you find it. 😀

  3. jon murphy says:

    Hey! Today we found a TARDIS magnet in Cambridge and it was very coincidental that my bf had a Dr. who shirt on of the TARDIS and time travel. It was also the 1st travel bug I dropped! Props to you for making awesome Geocaching memorabilia! Keep up the great work! Jonmurf Geo.Kael and Nataline

    • *R* says:

      What a cool coincidence that your BF was wearing a Tardis t-shirt. Thank you so much for posting to my blog with your story. I’m so glad you find my geoswag awesome. I will definitely keep making geoswag. 😀

  4. We (BethanyK) found a Dr. Who telephone booth magnet in GC600V8 today. Very exciting… I’d say this is the best swag we’ve found yet. (The kids might disagree) 😉 Thanks for the happiness you brought to my day.

    • *R* says:

      I liked that cache. My favourite find of the day.

      tardis in cache
      Thanks for letting me know you found my Tardis magnet swag. I’m so glad you took the time to reply on my geoswag blog. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see that geoswag is truly a fun part of the geocaching activity for many geocachers.

  5. Shelley Bourdeau says:

    Hi, I was visiting Cambridge for a soccer tournament my son was in and grabbed a few caches in between games. At the “What a dump” cache I found your lovely Dr. Who Tardis magnet. I am not too familiar with the tv show but that it was cute and it is now being displayed on my fridge holding up my son’s soccer schedule. Thanks for the neat swag.

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