Handmade zinc washer geocoins

Made my own geocoins with 1″ zinc washers, laser jet printed images and nail polish.
Instructions available on the NewbieDM site – Counters, Token, or Pogs.

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6 Responses to Handmade zinc washer geocoins

  1. Sheryl/Dave Ferris says:

    Found this nice little trackable (#53) in Cache by the falls in Fergus. We left one of our pathtags in trade. Thanks!


  2. drdrkxz says:

    Hey LoneR…
    There is a spray Polyurethane available at any hardware store that works very well at protecting painted surfaces. Some of it will work on metal as well. Might be easier than nail polish, but then again, I’ve never used the nail polish … lol!

    • *R* says:

      I tried polyurethane but it darkened the paper. Even clear nail polish was darkening the image. So instead I printed on thick glossy paper. That worked the best for what I was trying to do.

    • *R* says:

      Turns out the paper was the problem. The first set I tried had a thinner printer paper and when sprayed with polyurethane or covered in clear nail polish took on a dark patina.
      Using thick cardstock did the trick and could be either sprayed with a polyurethane or covered in clear nail polish.

  3. drdrkxz says:

    Very kewl …. great job.

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