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gc family2015-03-12-12.50.55-R2Did you find my geoswag? I would love to hear from you.  What did you find and, if you remember, where did you find it? I hope you enjoyed the collectable and I hope to find some of your custom or handmade swag in geocaches someday.


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  1. kayakers2 says:

    Up in the Bruce Peninsula for a week touring and caching while staying at a rental cottage. Picked up one of your small circle magnets. Photo I think is an old telephone booth!
    Nice surprise when I saw the latest photo, and it was one of hundreds of finger puppets I crochet, & trade. I get wonderful emails & photos from all over. Farthest from Sweden!!!
    We have 2 caches GC3Y1E8-Trudy’s Barnyard Friend’s andGC5NMVN Trudy’s Puppets and Pins Puzzle Cache. One of the nicest swag I found was “GCVYXV”- 62CCAn Engaging Cache. Mr.62 CC set a cache filled with small silver boxes containing small imitation diamond rings, hiding the real one for her to find in one of the boxes, and he proposed. I have one on my bulletin board. Yes, I traded a puppet!!! We were at the Mega Maze Event a few year’s ago at the Science Centre in Toronto, and I was trading swag with a Lackie from geocaching Headquarters. A lady back in the line shouts out” Hey you’re the Puppet Lady!”. Thanks for the evening smile. Trudy-Mrs.kayakers2

    • *R* says:

      Get out! I have one of your finger puppets. Is it the blue dog? I love my geocaching crochet finger puppets. I haven’t found another since the blue dog. I’m going to checkout those geocache listings that you’ve quoted. I love the diamond ring story and cache full of toy diamond rings. Thanks so much for posting here to let me know you found one of my pieces and that you are the Puppet Lady. 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    Hello there, I found a wooden coin thing with geocaching logo on it. looked up your blog and subscribed right away. I love geocaching …..probally the most in my family, i have often gone out alone to do so. I found this in a graveyard in Pickering with my son and his friend (new to geocaching and loves it) Pickering is my home base. where is yours?

    • *R* says:

      Hello Jenn. Thanks for reporting on the wooden coin. Wooden signature geocoin It’s a new geoswag item I’ve been making. You sound like me in terms of geocaching enthusiasm and liking it the most in my family. Thanks again for your post. It’s very motivating. I’m going to go make some more. 🙂

  3. Leanne says:

    Love your Indiana Jones pic. He certainly would have been a geocacher! Happy Caching! I found it between Meaford and Thornbury On!

  4. Topsey says:

    Hello. I found a magnet in a graveyard tree off the gore in Brampton Ontario

  5. Michael Hunter says:

    Took Indiana on some great adventures today around grey simcoe county. Saw a beautiful view of the big head River. Indiana and I decided to part ways at GC6D8QQ just outside meaford Ontario. Good luck lad. I will stop in and see if your still around sometime lol

  6. Michael Hunter says:

    Indiana Jones totally would be a geocacher! Found just outside meaford Ontario at GC3JVNP. Indiana and I are going on an adventure of our own, where will we go? Who knows? Will leave more Msgs about our adventure and where we decide to part ways. Happy hunting everyone!

    • *R* says:

      It’s been a very long time since I left an IJ card in a cache. That one must still be making the rounds. Glad you like it and thanks so much for leaving a message in this blog. 😃

  7. Tabi says:

    Hello there,
    I found one of your magnets in the washroom of Jelly Bakery in Shelburne, ON
    Thought I would see what this is all about. I have GeoCached before but never knew about this blog! It was a nice surprise to find, specially when I wasn’t out looking that day!

  8. KiwiCaleb says:

    Found one of your Silurian zipper pulls in a graveyard south of Rice Lake just after Christmas. Being a big fan of Dr Who this was a neat find. Reading your blog I would love to find a Weeping Angel fridge magnet as they are my favorite episodes.

  9. Sarah says:

    We found a magnetic book mark that you made in a geocache in Amongst the Fence on the Indian Trail in Rockwood. Our 8 year old daughter was delighted and loves it! We traded it for beads to make a necklace. You are very creative!

  10. mamasand says:

    I attended an event cache at Canada’s Oldest Geocache in Chester, NS and won a lucky penny as a prize. I carry it in my wallet to ward off DNFs! Beautiful work!

    • *R* says:

      Get out! All the way to Nova Scotia AND it was a prize AND you let me know. Boy does that make me happy. What an incentive to make more. 😀 Thanks so much mamasand for letting me know.

  11. imnotorignal says:

    I was out hunting for caches with emiweez today and we found one of the happy face magnets and a golden gorilla in the golden opportunity cache. TFTC! They’re awesome and it has inspired us to start making our own swag and labeling it.

    • *R* says:

      Excellent! You’re local so there’s a good chance I’ll discover your handcrafted swag. I’m glad you liked the golden gorilla and happy face. And thanks for letting me know. It’s always great to know what swag makes an impact.

      • imnotorignal says:

        Awesome! We’ll be on look out for more of yours as well. Also emiweez is determined to find the golden elephant.

  12. LuckyMoo33 says:

    Found a Dr Who Tardis magnet in what would we do without Edison in Guelph. Saw it a couple of weeks ago when I found the cache originally. Went back with my visiting nephew to snag it. I intend to take it across the pond to England and place it in a cache there this fall

    • *R* says:

      Now that will be interesting. Birthplace of Dr. Who. I sure hope someone picks it up in England and writes a comment here. Enjoy your British trip. Cheers!

  13. Mr&MrsBelrose says:

    Hi LoneR we found a magnet with a batman symbol on it today and Ken Danby Grade 3/4 GC5EG7X
    Awesome idea

  14. Irene T says:

    Hi Lone R,
    I picked up one of your laminated Geocaching cards today from Erin’s First Cache ( http://coord.info/GC4H0PW ). I loved Pippi Longstocking as a kid, what a great quote! I’m sticking it on our fridge at home.

    …Irene of geocite

    • *R* says:

      Fantastic. That’s my favoirite quote card. Gets the comments. Guess it hits home with many of us geocachers. We’re all thing finders. 🙂

  15. Angie gomez says:

    Found a magnet with a pumpkin on it in our first geocache in Beechwood Waterloo. thank you!!!

    • *R* says:

      And thank you for letting me know you found one of my handpainted magnets. It was Halloween when I left it at that cache. There were about 50 pumpkins by the pool. Seemed appropriate. 🙂
      Pumpkin handpainted magnet
      Pumpkins by the pool

  16. mmzombie says:

    Found this at garner’s corners cemetery just took pic and left in cache

  17. BeagleBrigade says:

    Hi … Thanks again for your “Golden Opportunity” cache and we picked up a “Smiley” magnet. It is now gracing our frig door as a “Morning Smile” for the dark days of winter. Thanks so much for your caches as they are always first rate and I often see your geoswag in local caches.

    Happy Caching from the Beagle Brigade!

    • *R* says:

      Thanks so much for your great log. Logs like yours is why I love being a geocache owner. I’m so glad to hear that you picked a golden momento. Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog and leave a message. 😀
      Golden glitter magnets

  18. TheFergus3 says:

    Great cache. Beautiful day.

  19. donoot says:

    Found your handpainted magnet in the “Lunchtime Boogie”. Coolest thing I’ve ever found in the cache, and a good motivation to try something similar in the future :). Thanks, keep up the good work!

    • *R* says:

      I did Lunchtime Boogie on Friday. So cool that someone already picked up the magnet. I painted it in xmas inspired colours – red, green and white, now that we’re getting close to the festive season. I’m so glad you liked it and find it inspirational. Maybe I’ll find one of your creations soon. 🙂

  20. birdzone1 says:

    Found a Lone R logo key topper! We were out caching today at the cemetery on Erb St just past Herrles outside of Waterloo. Fun little cache in the stone wall.

  21. technicolorii says:

    Found a Lone R Magnet at Play Ball Multi in Guelph. A cool bit of geoswag to remind me of my first multi-cache! Thanks!

    • *R* says:

      You picked a nice multi for your first try. Thanks so much for letting me know you picked up my Rabbit packing tape transfer on a wooden coin magnet. I’m glad you liked it enough to use it as a memento of your achievement.

  22. hogshunters says:

    Found LoneR card on 8/31/2014 at Trafalgar Sports Park #3, Georgetown on visit from UK. Took a photo as a memento.

  23. PositivelyShocking says:

    Found a Lone R magnet at Play More in Guelph on just my second find. Now I have The Explorer souvenir on my profile and in real life! Thanks!

    • *R* says:

      Welcome to the geocaching pastime. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message here. I’m glad the Explorer magnet was a hit. I resized the GC image, printed it on a laserjet printer, attached with glue to a cabachon (got some for a good price on eBay), then glued on a magnet. Happy trails PositivelyShocking. 🙂

  24. kevin says:

    Hey I found your lone r collector magnet! Is this like a geo coin? I’m new to it. I don’t know if I should take it?

    • *R* says:

      It’s my signature item. It doesn’t travel. You can keep it. If you don’t want it then go ahead and put it in another cache. 🙂 Thanks so much Kevin, for letting me know you found it.

  25. team wiji says:

    Found 2 cool lone R magnets while caching in Stratford. One was in the awesome Exuent letterbox cache in the old cemetery! These are really cool!

    Team wiji

    • *R* says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I loved the Exuent letterbox. Cemetery caches are some of my favourite caching experiences. This one had a great custom stamp in the box.

      I’m glad you like the Collector’s August souvenir fridge magnet that I made. I am putting them out through the month of August. Made about 50 of them. They fit in many caches even some micro size containers. 🙂

  26. Scott Philpott says:

    I found a Lone R eye magnet! Putting it on my fridge in my first apartment! Thanks Lone R! 🙂

  27. KristinAmy says:

    My niece found the Camo container in the cedars by Lake View Church by Guelph Lake Conservation Area. She traded an action figure for it, this is Katelyn’s 6th find. :). It’s a box

  28. Kate says:

    It was a lone r geoswag. I found it at “another one for the kidlets”

    • *R* says:

      I remember the park in Carlisle. Had a nice day geocaching there. Carni put out some nice easy finds with decent containers for the kids (an the kids at heart). 🙂

  29. Kate says:

    Found a little hiking boot that says hiking with a purpose!

  30. Goats R Trouble says:

    Found this little fawn wooden nickel in A Cache in Fergus very tricky cache took a few tries with friends but was able to finally find it :). I’ve seen wooden nickels similar to this in other caches but I would leave them for others to find, this time I swapped some swag I’ve been keeping for a special find that has been in my Geobag a while for this little fawn. I’m sure my Fiance will love the souvenir I brought back for her 🙂 this has inspired me to try making my own GRT swag for others to enjoy. Thanks so much!

    Trent (G.R.T)

  31. tamkar says:

    we have just started geocaching we did a few a few years ago but today july 28th we found 2 of your swags. in poole at the cemetery that seem that no one is looking after it, it was so sad. and the other on highway 19 the picnic area and it was a cool plaque there about the womens institution. we took the one from poole but left the one for others at highway 19.

    • tamkar says:

      sorry forgot to put they were lone R s swags

    • *R* says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post about your adventure here. I’m so glad you liked the GC zipper pull. That really is a lonely little cemetery. I visited in May and it hadn’t been visited until 2 months later. I loved my Spring mini vacation visiting cemeteries from Kitchener to Goderich. We sure have some beautiful agricultural country.

  32. Rachel says:

    Hey there Lone R,
    I have found your geocache key ring, a yellow one 🙂
    I found it on the “sound sign & logo” geocache trail in Owen Sound. Great find! What a fantastic idea! Thank you!

  33. BrennaV says:

    Found a funny magnet…”Bring a GPS…it’s awkward when you have to eat your buddies.” Laughed out loud and traded for a TB. GC39AC0 Creekside.

  34. TheHappyTurtle says:

    Hi Lone R!
    I found one of your key rings in “Canada’s Most Patriotic Village” (GC3BBFV) in Arthur. This site is a really great idea! I like the idea of seeing where your swag ends up and connecting with the people who find it. Thanks so much for the swag!

  35. bobki says:

    Found this on a trail around Starky Hill in Guelph

  36. William says:

    Thanks for the swag 🙂

  37. Andrew Mckay says:

    Found QR code (Indiana Jones) @ 105 army cache

  38. Zavod says:

    I’m afraid not.
    The QR code brought me to a page with the message: “Hi. This campaign has expired.”

  39. Zavod says:

    Hey there. I found your laminated QR code in GCQMT0 (“Boo!”) a few days ago.
    Happy Caching!

    • *R* says:

      Cool, my QR code that leads to a Jack Handey quote about fireworks. I hope you were able to scan it with a smartphone QR app, and I hope it made you laugh. 😀

  40. K'J' says:

    My second LoneR item in as many months! This one is a hand painted penny and found in a very awesome letterbox hybrid named “The Eagle Has Landed” (GC43ZFX) somewhere in Guelph. In the case of this swag I’m going to keep it right under my monitor for a few reasons; 1) It’s a lucky penny! 2) It is the only penny I now have in the house, and 3) It is beautiful. Let’s hope this lucky penny wards off DNFs 😉 Kevin aka K’J’

    • *R* says:

      Thank you so much K’J’. 🙂 I’m so glad you like the penny and find it worthy enough to test its luck quality. I hear my Pippi Thing Finder quote card brings good luck to cachers, so hopefully my handpainted lucky pennies bring more fortune. https://i2.wp.com/i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v1/525218682_1/-Retail-4PCS-Pack-Color-wool-felt-four-leaf-clover-dinner-mat-table-green-parter-coaster.jpg_50x50.jpg

  41. Kevin says:

    Found your laminated “quote of the day” card in a cache in Eden Mills (EM – Along The Fence Line). The quote made me laugh, “Every time you hide a film canister, a fairy dies”. Hahahahaha. I hate those things (film cans, not fairies). They are the lazy man’s container and never water tight. The good news is that they are probably harder and harder to find thanks to the digital era. I’ll be passing this along to make others laugh. Cheers!


    • *R* says:

      Wow. That’s an old GC quote card. I think I put that one out a couple of years ago. Nice to hear it’s still making the rounds. Thanks for letting me know it had an impact, KJ.

  42. Kidhype007 says:

    Found your business card souvenir with the stamp on it!! Very interested in this whole passport/ stamp thing please provide details! Found at ponsonby pioneer cemetery!! Tftc

    • Lone R says:

      Sounds like you may be interested in letterboxing. For lots of information about letterboxing and carving your own stamps go to Atlas Quest, http://www.atlasquest.com. Also try a google search for: how to carve a stamp. Atlas Quest is also a database of letterboxes. You’ll find quite a few local boxes.

  43. Maya says:

    Found a lone R red key ID ring on our way to the Cambridge butterfly conservatory at cool old cemetery.

  44. Tanya says:

    Hi there,

    Found your micro log roller at the ponsonby cemetery which is great cuz my kids and I will be making our own cache to hide soon and this will come in handy! I’ve also got one of your magnets of a snowy scene which I still enjoy looking at everytime I look at it 🙂

    Thanks for leaving these little treasures. I know when I see a Lone R swag its going to be great!

    Have a great weekend and thanks again 🙂

    Tanya Mundy

  45. Clint McQueen says:

    Not the first I have found but fir st time realized what it was. Found a magnet

  46. Sylvia H says:

    Found a magnet. My second find. TFTC

  47. sherry v says:

    Found some geoswag yesterday while being eaten by mosquitos. Its a laminated card that says …eat….sleep….geocache!

    • Lone R says:

      With all this wet weather, the mosquitos are out early and quite hungry. I just bought more deet yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to leave a message and for letting me know which of my geoswag you found.

  48. Red S says:

    We just picked up one of your yellow key rings at Please Please Peasmarsh in Thornbury Ontario. The geokid and I have made little ice cream cones out of Perler beads to leave as swag but we haven’t thought of “labelling” them before. You may have inspired us. Thanks for the swag and keep creating.

    • Lone R says:

      I’m really glad to hear that my geoswag has inspired you to label your swag. I may be up in the Blue Mt area again this summer. I sure hope I find your beaded ice cream swag. 🙂

  49. Chris says:

    5 year old nephew found 2 caches in the ponsonby/alma area. An owl card and a stamped card.

  50. Hammock Hunter says:

    Found a Blue Lone R key ring at “Gnome Place Like Home” near Daytona Beach, FL. This was our very first Geocache outing, and we had never heard of Geoswag before. We thought it was a travel bug that was fabled to be there. The kids were REALLY excited. They will be even more excited when they see all the other ideas you have here! I see “shrinking heads” and “losing marbles” in our future! 🙂

    • Lone R says:

      Wow, that key id ring travelled far. It started off at a cache in Ontario, Canada. My geoswag is meant to be kept and used by finders, but some of them end up travelling. I’m so glad you ended up picking it up. I’m happy to hear that my blog is inspirational. Thanks.

  51. Ted says:

    Found a Smiley Coin in Noah’s Ambush GL8GXCMW and dropped it in Old Stumpy GC2KRRC.

  52. Mup and SL says:

    Mup and SL out for a beautiful, bug free, day of caching. Found your tag in a bits house along Indian trail in Rockwood. Super creative idea to drop a QR code in caches. We found 13 caches on the day and experienced some great adventures. Happy caching.

  53. Squabby says:

    Found the J.A.R.S. Souvenir in the Arboretum GC4D5E geocache. Traded for the Open Class Wanderer TB. Will place in a new location in Muskoka!

    • Lone R says:

      You can keep it if you like. The Arboretum Cache souvenir is a collectible momento, if you like such things. A reminder of the cache find. It doesn’t need to travel. But feel free to move it if you wish.

  54. Ana says:

    Found a keyring in a cache along the Humber River in Toronto, ON, Canada.

  55. Mathuri says:

    We found Waldau!! That was so much fun, our first geocaching adventure!

    • Lone R says:

      Congratulations on your first geocache find. Waldau is not my cache. I don’t think I’ve visited it yet. One of my handcrafted items with a QR code attached must have been placed there. Anyway, I’m glad to see you had a fun time. Happy trails. 🙂

  56. David says:

    Fun to find after school!!!! Thanks:)

  57. decker44 says:

    Hey found some more of your swag today at your food for the undead cache. Didn’t have much to leave but I left what I could.

    This is a great cache letter box combo, you have out done yourself. Very cool and thanks for the hint I was digging around under trees, was stumped you could say…

  58. decker44 says:

    Found your souvenir for sprucing up the trail

    Not really sure how the souvenirs work – left if for others to scan and enjoy


  59. pathfindergirl99 says:

    We found your card at GET- All of it

  60. obax says:

    Found a plastic dog pendant thingy in the Dog Cache in Crane Park. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll add it to my collection of things hanging on my rear view mirror or pass it on to a new cache. Either way, nice bit of swag, thanks!

  61. BrennaV says:

    Thanks for the Swag!! Found a puppy at the Dog Cache in Crane park. Traded for a “devil’s horn” – a unique kind of rock formation we find at and around the Bruce Peninsula (Colpoys Bay gave us the best chances of finding them).

  62. Paula says:

    Found a little laminates owl tag in Feeding the Ducks (GC43AT1). Great idea for swag! I’ll leave it in another cache to pass along 🙂

    • Lone R says:

      Fantastic. Thanks for letting me know that you picked up the Pasha quote card at Feeding the Ducks. I really enjoyed that cache experience. Thanks for upping it another notch by leaving your message.

  63. misstene22 says:

    LiveLoveCache.blogspot.ca has some other Swag ideas, I love what you have done here!

  64. misstene22 says:

    I love your swag finds and ideals, We make our own swag as well and we love hearing from people that like it. You can see some of it at livelovecache.com

  65. Greg McAdams says:

    Thanks great idea, my daughter love Indiana. Found in Mildmay Ontario.

  66. GeoLobo says:

    I have created an official Geocaching Trading Card page now:
    besides my Facebook page:

    I also have started a new card series on Kickstarter

    Geocaching Terminology Series A-Z:

    I will be updating the project with the new card (SWAG) early this week

    aka GeoLobo

  67. walkdaplank says:

    Found one of your cards in a cache. Very nice. Left it in the cache for others to enjoy!

  68. Dyverdown says:

    Discovered while doing the GET series in Guelph

  69. Jojocarly says:

    Found the bring a gps don’t eat your buddies card along with a travel bug trying to get to Cary Illinois to Flushing NY and back. Cool idea.

  70. not2dopey says:

    Found a yellow ‘Lone R’ keyring at the southbound 400 cache. Great ideas for swag.
    Team CAL

  71. J and D says:

    Found a Key ID ring with Lone R on one side and multi colour pattern on the back with a type of X. Found on No. 2 side road, Burlington. Will be taking to the States in the next month or so to deposit there….. cheers JT

  72. Amanda says:

    Hello! We found your green key cover today in Cambridge at Mulley’s Gulley. We hope to find more later! We didn’t take it, we left it for the next person.

    Bobby, Amanda & Finley
    (FinleyOlive on geocaching)

  73. Vantastic says:

    It’s me again. I found your “Bring a GPS” QR code geoswag. sadly, I don’t have a smartphone to scan in with, but I’ll still happily move it along 🙂

    • Lone R says:

      I added the qr code for the fun and convenience of those with a reader on their cell phone. Now there are 2 ways to leave a message on the geoswag blog. Via the web address or via the barcode. 🙂 Thanks for logging via the address, it’s much appreciated. Also, you can keep the GPS card if you want to. No need to move it along (but that’s OK too).

  74. graham ross says:

    Found your barcode in a geocache 😉

  75. Mark says:

    What an awesome idea. TFTC

  76. Mason boutilier says:

    Just started geocaching with my son
    Was starting to get frustrated caus
    We were having no luck. Was at a
    Ball game in Freelton and delayed
    Due to rain so we went geoing. Now
    We know what to do!

  77. doublejinxed says:


    I haven’t found any of your swag, but I’ve been thinking of making my own personal geoswag for a while and stumbling across your blog gave me the motivation to do it and a tutorial to base it off of!


    Here is a link to the swag I made if you’re interested -> http://www.noelletatro.com/geoswag/

  78. doublejinxed says:

    I haven’t found any of your swag, but I have been thinking of making personal geoswag for a while and stumbling across your blog gave me a cool tutorial to base mine off of and the motivation to do it! Here is a link to the stuff I made:)


  79. Ed says:

    Thanks LoneR

    I found a marble magnet with the Geocache logo in it in a cache in Listowel today think it is great.

  80. Rush's says:

    Hi Lone R
    Found one of your geoswag key ID ring at “Happy Trails”. Great idea , first geoswag we have found. Best Wishes and Happy Caching!

  81. Vantastic says:

    Found your “Lone R” Geoswag.

  82. Ted says:

    First geoswag for me.
    Love the QR code.

  83. canmoose says:

    Like the idea of the personal geoswag. Picked up the LoneR id ring today. Hope to find some more in the near future.

  84. dwotw says:

    Thanks! Will likely drop this one off somewhere else for someone else to enjoy.

  85. Flo G says:

    wish I could say I found one of your Geoswag but I haven’t – yet 🙂 … love the idea though and wish more would do it. I make my own geoswag as well… usually a little set of chakra stones that you could hang on a zipper tab but checking out your pictures has given me some ideas for more varied swag. thanks for the pics! Trickle67 😀

  86. The Nxt Set of Trees says:

    Out visiting Owen Sound from Calgary. Found a happy face, taking it back home with me, and then I’m gonna pass it on! Thanks for the new treasure!
    The Nxt Set of Trees

  87. Deb says:

    Hi Lone R!
    We found another one of your personalized items–a magnet with a funny geocaching phrase on it–at the Dueling Rivers cache in Kilbride. I recognized your stamp right away & said, “Hey, that’s another geoswag made by Lone R!” and took it out. (My son found a Signal the Frog marble magnet of your’s a few months back, so we have been on the lookout for more since then.) I must say, I love your creativity and it has given us some ideas to start making our own personalized swag. Thanks for the cool stuff!!
    Deb (from the LGBears team)

  88. linda says:

    we found you key ID ring we have have put in on our key and love it! we found it at kingsleigh park in milton ontario

    linda & naomi

  89. Tara T says:

    Found your polymer clay geoswag while completing the SP trail string near Erin yesterday. My daughter was super excited to trade for it. We saw another of your creations in a different cache nearby, but we left it for another cacher to find and enjoy the thrill of discovering something unique! Thanks so much for putting out something different, and for linking us back to here. Anything that directs her to use a barcode or website is always exciting. Technology really does drive them!

    • Lone R says:

      4 leaf clover in reference to the town of ErinThank’s for leaving your comment Tara. I just got into polymer clay. I’m assuming you found the antique map magnet tile or the antique compass rose tile, since they were the first transfers I’ve tried. I’ve got a few new creations made and will be leaving them in caches soon. I’m really glad to hear that the QR codes in the baggie are adding a new dimension to leaving comments while out in the field. Thank you again for your detailed post. It is most appreciated.

  90. Bobki says:

    Found u at a YKK Cache

  91. ashz6977 says:

    Hey found one of your little things along the way yesterday in Georgie’s Cache

  92. da Bush Man says:

    Hi Lone-R,
    We found your `Thing Finder` clay coin in the Little Tract near Hespeler. And it works! 🙂 The cache log says it all, thanks!

    da Bush Man & da Bush Boy.

    • Lone R says:

      How cool is that. I had no idea my Thing-Finder geoswag gives a finder special homing skills. 🙂 I will have to make more of those. 🙂 Loved the online log you left on Mossy Rocks.

  93. Brian says:

    I have found two of your key ID rings in the last couple of days, one in a cache north west of Fergus On. called Living Springs and the other just down the road a piece called Who can stop the wind.Neat idea thanks for the swag, I’ll keep an eye out for more of your items.

  94. g_rage says:

    Hey there! Found the Big Bulky Barrier mag@ Guelph lake! Beauty.. I shall be passing it along 🙂

  95. Agnes Nutter says:

    Hi Lone R!
    Found a magnet Geoswag in a Breithaupt park geocache. The best thing I have found so far! Excited to find more! Thank you! 🙂

  96. Deb says:

    Hi LoneR,
    We found your Signal the Frog marble magnet today at cache #GC2KFJK (Santa’s Exchange) by Westfield Heritage Village. My 7 year old son loves frogs, so he decided to take it home with us. Thanks so much for the cool item! It makes a special souvenir for a new young geocacher!
    LG Bears 🙂

  97. raksha69 says:

    Found a key id tag in a Kilbride cemetery…cool! Love the idea! Was glad I had my swagbag with so I could trade…

  98. Raider0fTheLostCache says:

    Interesting website! You inspired me to make my own signature swag item! Wonderful idea. Now.. What can I make.. 😉

  99. Gord says:

    Cold snowy day, no brass monkeys about!
    I grabbed the swag item near the Brantford – Paris rail trail, I’ll drop it off somewhere else on my next trip.

  100. RoguePookah says:

    We just started geocaching and your keyfob is the coolest thing I’ve found so far. It is such a great idea to give something handmade and unique. It adds layers to geocaching that make it even more interesting. Thanks for adding a personal touch. It made my day.

  101. Ted says:

    The best swag I’ve seen yet. I’m afraid that I forget which particular cache i found it in..soewhere north of Putnam. Not enough people take the time and effort to make geocaching even more fun. Thank you!

  102. owl2121 says:

    owl2121 found at my canadian and my lending library in waterloo

  103. Cynthia says:

    Hi Lone R
    I found one of your magnets while hiking in Puslinch @ the “Do not Disturb” cache. Got the last 6 caches yesterday that I hadn’t gotten to yet in that area. Thanks for the handmade swag, I will definately be creating some of my own as well as a stamp to start doing some letterboxes!

  104. dramygdala says:

    Found a geocaching magnet in Stratford today. As soon as we saw this, we knew we had to take this one! Thanks for the thoughtful swag.

  105. Found a Geocaching Magnet, my daughter loved it and my wife is interested in creating her own geo-swag, Thanks!!

  106. Kuledoode says:

    Dude! I’m new to geocaching. Just got back from finding caches #2, 3 & 4 on a bike ride. I found your Key ID Ring at #2 and was stoked to take it home and visit the site. I am learning to carve and will be creating my own geoswag – maked for a much better find than the stuff I found in #4!!
    Excellent site here. Seems a few of us newbies have come across your geoswag in our first few finds. I’ll be ‘re-caching’ the key ring soon.

  107. glitch8 says:

    Hi! Found my Lone R key ring in London, Ontario
    N 42° 59.271 W 081° 18.158

    🙂 First real swag found: and 3rd EVER cache: really fun! Thanks for making my night 🙂

    • Lone R says:

      Tiny T, I remember it well. That was my niece’s 3rd find too. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed finding my signature item. I hope to be back in London in a few days for more geocaching and letterboxing. Thanks so much for your kind comments.

  108. melissa wells says:

    found the R key id ring today while out caching in Ajax, Ontario !!! love the idea will take with me on my travels in a few weeks and place in another cache!!

    found by lovemytyson

  109. dsptcher says:

    Hi there!

    We found your geoswag (the infamous key id ring with an R in the middle). After looking at the different locations posted as found – we have come to the conclusion that it travels the Hwy 6 corridor between Mount Forest/Cambridge and Oakville. In keeping with this current activity, we have decided to drop it again at the Hwy 6/401 car pool lot. Maybe some day it will travel beyond and get to see the great big world, until then tho, back on the hwy it goes! Thanks for introducing us to the world of geo swagging!

    the geo crusaders!
    Burlington, ON

    • Lone R says:

      The key id ring is a signature item of mine. There are lots of them out there now. I put one in almost every swag size cache I visit. They are meant to be kept and used on one of your keys (take the circle R paper out of the middle then put it on a key or you can put them in another cache.
      Thanks for letting me know that you found another one. 🙂

  110. MnM says:

    Found a Key ID ring with Lone R in the middle. Cool little piece! Found it in the Cambridge, On. area.

  111. Sunshine2 says:

    New to Geocaching, 1st trip to Arthur, Ontario found nothing. Two of the 3 children got bored so we discontinued that part of our adventure.
    Tried our 2nd Geocaching trip again to Arthur this time only one of the 3 children came along. We found 3 of 7 Treasures ~ one being a Key IDRing but we are not sure it’s purpose? I asks us to let Geo know so here we are advising. Happy hunting for Treasures ~ Sunshine2

    • Lone R says:

      Thanks so much for visiting my geoswag blog and letting me know you found one of my signature items – the key id ring. It’s for trading or keeping. If you don’t think you could use it on one of your keys then feel free to leave it in another cache or give it to someone who might like to use it to colour-code a key. Happy trails. 🙂

  112. sam says:

    hi I got a key ring from around oakville area its pink and it has a colorful x on it
    I have never found something like this before now I will keep my eye out for them

  113. Walker34 says:

    Found your key ring swag at stairway to heaven-Mount Forest. Only my second find!! I will drop it off at my next find and let someone else find it. Great idea! Thanks!

  114. Sarge 3477 says:

    Caramilksecret took pink keyring and left a coin from kw Oktoberfest she was excited to find the cache 🙂 she had her son, & dog, myself & my stepson were all out for the day for some exercise & caching 🙂 just letting you know we picked up the pink keyring from The OR # 6 Field of Memories

    • Lone R says:

      Thanks for the post. Field of Memories was a good cache (especially since it was a dry day when I went). I waded through a flock of honking Canada Geese on the way back to the car. 🙂

  115. NIBBL says:

    Found one of your Key ID Ring at Bone-yard-series Souls of Harley. Cool idea, I also have created hand made swag for my caches that I have hidden. TFTF!

  116. 3_cacheons says:

    Found a geocaching glass marble magnet in Just 4 U Dundeejim! What a wonderful, inspiring idea. I too love to find the handmade swag. I left behind another handmade item that I had picked up, but felt appropriate to move on. Thanks for the great swag.

    • Lone R says:

      Hi 3_cacheons, thanks for letting me know where you picked up the glass marble magnet. I loved that visit to the airport cemetery. I’m so glad you enjoyed the find. Thanks for logging it on my blog.

  117. waterloo.bob says:

    Oops, left a message at the rubber keyring page and then I found this page. Sorry.

    • Lone R says:

      Not a problem. I made this page to make it less confusing for people to leave a message. It’s cool if the message goes to the related swag item’s page or here, whatever makes the most sense to you. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  118. Jennifer says:

    Hey I found a key identifycation ring at the Green experiment cache. I love your blog! Thanks!

  119. snydercox says:

    grabbed the little froggy glass marble/magnet from KB-fieldstone, thanks

  120. Laurel Sargent says:

    I found your glass magnet in the Vance Tract cache
    I will put it in my little fountain.
    Thanks for the neat swag

  121. albertwhitecap says:

    I found your keyring swag on the kissing bridge. I headed out to finish it up and grabbed this out of kb-stumpy. it was a beautiful windy day, i even got a sunburn on the back of my neck. i will take it with my to Penatang/Midland area with me this weekend. thanks. Brenda

  122. albertwhitecap says:

    I found your keyring swag on the kissing bridge. I headed out to finish it up and grabbed this out of kb-stumpy. it was a beautiful windy day, i even got a sunburn on the back of my neck. thanks. Brenda

    • Lone R says:

      I had fun doing the KB Trail caches. Did them over a few weeks. I was glad that most of them were swag size caches so that I could leave my sig items. Thanks for posting your find Brenda.

  123. Lorenzo says:

    Hello! I found one of your geoswags in the Brampton Fairgrounds geocache. Thanks!!!

  124. CaravanStan says:

    Found a key ring at Mohawk park in Brantford. Will send it on it’s way next time we’re out.

    • Lone R says:

      Thanks for letting me know Caravan Stan. It doesn’t have to travel. You can keep it if you can make use of it, but feel free to move it to another cache if you’d like to.

  125. Heather Letendre says:

    Hi there, we found one of your signature keyrings in the ‘Souls of Rockton’, our first boneyard series cache find. Very neat idea!! We are going to drop it into our first cache that we stashed for mothers day. Cache You L8TR…. Letendrefamily

  126. Letendrefamily says:

    Love your idea! Found one of your key ident rings in our first boneyard series find in Rockton – Souls of Rockton! Will add it to our own first cache that we stashed for mother’s day! Cache you L8R….

    • Lone R says:

      I love the Bone-Yard series. Rockton is a nice little countryside town. I’m glad you like the idea. I hope it catches on. 🙂 Thanks for your comment Letendrefamily.

  127. Gooksbed says:

    Hey, I picked up a Glass Marble Magnet at the “Never on a Sunday” cache on the Indian Trail last night. It was a beautiful night for caching. I never realized that there was a trail there.

    • Lone R says:

      I like being introduced to little-known trails. I also enjoyed finding the nearby barn ruins on the Indian trail. Thanks for leaving a found message Gooksbed. 🙂

  128. Ricer14 says:

    Found your key ring just South of Arthur! Great idea, nice blog!

  129. The Blue Quasar says:

    Hey R… not only did I run into you earlier this year but now I’ve also found one of your keyring swag creations. I will likely place it into the cache at my house.

    • Lone R says:

      Hey BQ. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for posting that you found one of my swag items. I bet you’re keeping real busy with GC these days – Spring time must be a busy season for you.

      Happy caching. See you on the trails. 8)

  130. cmariee says:

    Hey there 🙂
    I recently started taking an interest in geocaching and tonight I found “Cosmo’s Cache” which happened to have your geoswag. Being only my 5th find, I thought this was a cool item so I took it. Following the instructions I’m just letting you know that it’s now in my possession 🙂
    Thanks so much! -Chelsea


  131. brenda says:

    i found ‘lone R’ purple ring along the kissing bridge trail in west montrose. im not sure which cache i found it at though, i think it was at KB trail 460. thanks

  132. gonzozen55 says:

    Found your Key Identification Ring in “Devils Glen” First find like this for me – will move it on – thanks 🙂


  133. dunwurkin says:

    Found a glass marble magnet @ Along the Canada Goose Trail.
    Thanks for the swag.

  134. Landzcap'r says:

    Found the glass marble magnet in Hamilton. Cool swag

  135. Honu&theBat says:

    Picked up a black keyring at one of the cemeteries in the Bone-Yard Series – the Souls of Glen Morris. Great idea. Thanks for sharing your swag.

  136. fernandes4 says:

    We have the magnet and found it at My Little Town by scottydeems (GC23HWR)
    this is fun. all the best.

    • Lone R says:

      My Little Town was a nice caching experience – a quick find in a lovely white pine forest. Thanks fernandes4 for letting me know where you picked up the magnet and for posting the find here.

  137. MADD Momma says:

    Hi LoneR,
    I found one of your key rings in Cox Creek #4. Very cool idea and a great way to connect with fellow cachers. I’m glad that you added this “Leave a message” page, as I didn’t quite know where to….. well…….leave this message. lol I will drop your swag in another cache to keep it in circulation. Happy caching! MADD Momma

    • Lone R says:

      Glad to hear that the “Leave a message” page makes sense. 🙂 BTW, Cox Creek #4 was my favourite of the CC series – lovely creek. Thanks for posting your find MADD Momma.

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