Identification rubber key ring sig item

Key ID ring signature item

Newest version of the insert and label


34 Responses to Identification rubber key ring sig item

  1. VoTeP says:

    We found the black one in a cache near Legoland in Germany, we will take it to the Czech republic.

    • *R* says:

      Wow. I never imagined my geoswag being taken so far away. Cool. Thanks for letting me know you found the key ring. Feel free to keep it if you want to use it on a key.

  2. LangGang4 says:

    Around the Holstein area today and found a green lone R key ring. Didn’t know this existed. Love the idea! We’ll save it to drop somewhere else!

  3. Hannah says:

    i found your red keyring in stayner a few days ago with a friend.

  4. Tamara Wright says:

    Where can you get these online?

  5. Dave Fennell says:

    Hi Lone R,
    Just found a blue key ring just north of Brantford. I think I will pass this along for someone else to find. Great idea you have here.


  6. rivermic02 says:

    Hey LoneR, found 2 key rings, one green, one black and will be sending the ngreen off and the black to my newly created swag collection! Mind if I keep it in the bag so it looks new? Thanks, Rivermic02

    • Lone R says:

      Definitely, preserve it in the bag. Nice to read that you’re starting a collection. Should make geocaching all that more fun. 🙂

  7. Vantastic says:

    I already said this on the messages page, but I’ll say it here. I found the Yellow Lone R on Godby Road.

  8. esnyder10 says:

    good day, I found a purple lone ‘R’ in walkerton cashing with my daugters…. great marker

  9. Alison says:

    Hello! Found a Lone R key ID ring in a cache in Guelph today. Neat idea! I love to other examples of signature swag on your site as well.

  10. Kirs_10 says:

    Found a Lone R for my St Patrick’s Day in Kitchener, ON!

  11. Jamie L says:

    Found a red Lone R ring in Brantford today.. no identifing numbers though ??

    • Lone R says:

      Hello Jamie. My signature key id ring is meant to be used on a key. Some people move them to another cache. I’m not tracking them in the regular sense but I do enjoy people notifying me of their find via this blog. Thanks for letting me know you found one in Brantford today.

  12. Brad.Lauren says:

    We found another one (blue) along the KB trail a few weeks ago. Gave it to another cacher who really wanted it.

  13. waterloo.bob says:

    After a round of golf at Elmira Golf Club I thought I’d see what caches were around. There was one 800 yards away. Probably the easiest ‘find’ I’ve ever had. Thinking the purple rubber identification key ring was some kind of travel bug I brought it home. Now I see I’ve brought home some swag! Would you like for your key ring to be deposited in another cache?

  14. Todd says:

    My kids and I found a key ring while goecaching in Guelph, ON


  15. Chris Psutka says:

    I found a geocache by accident an it had a purple key ring in it.
    Never even knew this geocache game existed.
    Really cool idea!
    Thanks for the key ring!

    • Lone R says:

      Wow, an accidental cacher. I hope you enjoyed your find enough to take up the hobby. Thanks so much for posting a message here, Chris. And thanks for letting me know you picked up one of my signature swag items. Enjoy the key ring.

  16. Team Smitner says:

    Hi LoneR,

    We went out on our first search on March 15th and we found your key identification ring North of Woodstock!

    Great times! Thanks for the swag!

    Team Smitner

  17. Brad.Lauren says:

    We found your blue identification rubber ring today in New Dundee just SW of Kitchener, ON. We’ll move this along sometime soon.

    • Lone R says:

      Thanks for letting me know you found one of my signature items. You can keep the key id ring if you find you can make use of it. It’s not a travelbug but if you’d like to move it to another cache that’s fine too. Thanks again for posting a note on the geoswag blog. 🙂

      Lone R

  18. Trish F says:

    Hi ,
    My son and I found your red keyring while out caching in the Stoney Creek/Hamilton area. I just thought I would drop you a line, say hi and look around your site 🙂

    Hope you are having a great day and Happy caching!


    • Lone R says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know you picked up one of my signature items. 🙂 I hope you find the geoswag site interesting and maybe even inspirational.

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