Picture flat magnets

Photo magnets

Handcrafted photo magnets

GPS magnet

Winter-theme magnet

The photo was taken on the Smith Property trail


14 Responses to Picture flat magnets

  1. obax says:

    I have one of these magnets on my fridge, I found it out along the trail on the other side of the road from Starkey Hill, I’m afraid I don’t remember the cache (I think it was one of the ‘Just another Ammo Can’ ones). I’d be interested to know how you make these.

    • *R* says:

      Fairly simple. Laser printed images laid on the sticky side of a flat sheet of magnet and cut out with an exacto knife. Then finish it with a spray varnish.

      • obax says:

        That is fairly simple. More simple than I thought it would be, actually… Clearly craftiness is not my strong suit… I’ve been experimenting with the packing tape image transfer thing, I’m not sure I completely get it yet but it’s fun figuring it out!

  2. Rosalyn says:

    I grabbed one of your Indiana Jones magnets last year out of a cache I believe, in Hamilton. It’s the only piece of geoswag that made me want to trade up or trade even 🙂 It’s currently right in the middle of my fridge magnet collection! Awesome.

    Cache name: RBoss05

  3. "Hogsback" says:

    I think I found one of your magnets in “Muggy Cedars” cache near Omemee, Ontario. Everything was soaked and the name tag paper was ripped but the little piece that was still attached said Lone R. It is a picture of a chickadee. There was a bar code in the little zip lock but it was damaged as well.

    • Lone R says:

      I’ve never been to Omemee (childhood home of Neil Young) but I hope to some day. Well, at least one of my swag items ended up there. Thanks so much for tracking my blog site down to leave your message. I think this is my polymer clay chickadee magnet. Is the image still intact? Or did it too become destroyed by the water? Thanks again for letting me know you found my handmade polymer clay fob.

  4. Kyle says:

    This was my first time Geocaching, and my son and I found your winter forest magnet in Milton. Very nice, great idea.

  5. CH says:

    I found one of the “Big Bulky Barrier” magnets in the cache of the same name near Guelph. Got such a kick out of it – what a great idea! I work with some of the people who help with the operation of the cache’s namesake and they think it’s hilarious! (in a good way) Thanks so much for going the extra mile to really enhance the geocaching experience. I’m definitely inspired to make my own geoswag.

  6. Dana says:

    These are great ideas! I love all your swag! Some would make great first finder prizes for our other hobby!

    Goofy girl

    • Lone R says:

      Thanks for having a look at my blog. I’m glad you like it. Letterboxing-themed magnets might be a nice FTF prize – maybe an AtlasQuest logo on a magnet.

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