Picture marbles

Clear glass marbles with geo-theme and hiking-theme pictures. The boardwalk is a photo I took in the Hanlon Creek conservation area.


Magnet glued to the underside using outdoor modge podge



7 Responses to Picture marbles

  1. Sarge 3477 says:

    I LOVE THIS IDEA! Im a photographer an it inspires me to try something like this, if i get around to making one, i will give you the credit of inspiration! Thanx!

  2. Sunkist says:

    Found a frog magnet at cousins2. Great place. Didn’t see you but met the renters. They were really nice. Thanks for the great cache. When I create one geo cache I will make something as well

    • Lone R says:

      I love how folks are noting where they found my geoswag. I get to virtually re-visit the caches. That cache was quite creative. Muggly location though. But I went on a cold day in May so had the place to myself. Thanks for letting my know you picked up the Signal the Frog marble magnet, Sunkist. I’m happy to hear that you’re inspired to create your own geoswag. 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    I found a signal magnet in Guelph, I think in a letterbox, which referred me to this site. I’m not sure if this is where you want it logged, but we enjoy the magnet very much, and have it placed front and centre on our fridge.

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