Other people’s geoswag

Geoswag that other people have made and I find inspirational

MountainMudBug GeoCoin MountainMudBug
Polymer Clay Geocoins by MountainMudBug

  MJK Geocoin 3 MJK Geocoin 4
Homemade Geocoins by MJK (Lost Marble)

Steellord's handcrafted chainmail

Steellord’s handcrafted chainmail

Purplecatpaws signature earring geoswag

TripleGCrew's signature shrinky dink swag

TripleGCrew’s shrinky dink signature items. Made with Grafix inkjet printable Shrink Film

Giant pumpkin seed package

Found this Giant Pumpkin seed baggie in a cache. I like how it’s packaged.

Back of the pumpkin seed package

Geocache Button made by SurveyContactTeam

Button made by SurveyContactTeam with their button making machine

10 Swarovski Crystal Geocaching Charms - Trackable Cache Custom Charms

Amanda Mackay‘s beaded geoswag on Etsy

I Love Geocaching felt Valentines heart tokens geo swag
Pixadoodles2’s Valentines heart tokens geo swag on Etsy

2 Responses to Other people’s geoswag

  1. Hockey Parents says:

    I found a pic of one of your swag items google it and found your page – were fairly new to Geo caching and learning more about it everyday. When we first started I would leave painted rocks Lady bugs, Aliens, etc. in the caches with LM on the back but since I found your page will change it up a bit thanks to finding you picture in a log posting Heart of the Matter GC3420D
    Too bad a can’t log this find….best find so far!!!

    • ** says:

      I can’t believe I found that cache way back in 2012. Time flies. I checked the gallery and it shows a photo I uploaded of SimKitty’s magnetic geoswag. I took it and left a handmade notebook (which I didn’t post a photo of). Thanks for your message on my blog. It’s always great to hear from cachers who appreciate handcrafted geoswag. 🙂

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