Geocoins – handcrafted

If you’ve found one of my handcrafted geocoins I would love to know.

Scroll down to bottom where you will see a Leave A Comment box.

Please let me know what number is on the coin (some coins may not be numbered), and if you remember where it was found I’d appreciate knowing.

Feel free to keep the coin, trade it, or move it on to another cache.


Metal geocoins created by --R--

Wooden geocoins created by --R--



2 Responses to Geocoins – handcrafted

  1. isaaleroo says:

    Sorry-forgot to let you know, we picked up #98!

  2. isaaleroo says:

    Hi found your “The world is our playing field” geocoin just outside of Moffat as part of the “RISK” caches. Great Geocoin, we will be in Toronto this weekend, hope the weather cooperates so we can move it along.

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