Carve a stamp

I’m a self taught carver so the techniques I use were obtained from trial & error, websites, and other eraser carvers. I welcome any suggestions that could improve mine and any viewers carving skills (leave a comment).

This demo will show you how to carve your own stamp which you could use as a signature stamp for stamping logbooks in geocaches, or for stamping your geoswag paper creations, or your baggie labels, or for making a hand carved stamp for your own letterbox hybrid cache.

The tutorial

What you need:

Materials to carve a stamp

Acetone to transfer clip art to the rubber, carving block material, box cutter, linoleum cutter handles and blades, hobby knife

The ‘It’s Not About the Numbers’ geocoin is the model for this stamp carving demo.

Carving block:

In this demo I use Nasco Safety Kut printmaking block material. Other carving material:

Lino cutter and blades:

I’m using Speedball’s lino cutter with a #1 and a #2 blade

Staedtler also makes a good set of lino cutters.

Hobby knife:

I’m using a Testors hobby knife.

Other hobby knives to try: X-acto with a #11 blade; Olfa hobby knife

Laserjet printer that uses toner:

HP LaserJet 6P

What printer/toner combinations work with which transfer methods?

Transferring the image:

I used acetone to transfer the print to the vinyl.

The image

'It's Not About the Numbers' geocoin line drawing adapted for carving.


Acetone - you can use nail polish remover - be sure that the bottle says it contains acetone

Dab acetone onto folder paper towel

Apply acetone to folder paper towel - use in well ventilated area

Work quickly because acetone evaporates.

Dab onto the image you’ve placed face side down onto the carving material.

As the paper gets wet, the image will show through the paper.

Dab onto back of clip art

Dab onto back of printed image

Image showing through wet paper

Image showing through wet paper

Peeling off the paper image

Peeling off the paper image

The transfer - ready for carving

The transfer - ready for carving

Blender pens may work for you or wintergreen oil or try a pencil transfer.
See the Carves ‘n’ Cards blog for transfer demos.

Video: How to Transfer an Image

You will also need:

Water to rinse the stamp
Paper towel to dry the stamp
Paper for stamping
Inkpad for stamping

Carving the Stamp

Video: Carving with a lino cutter

Video: Carving with a hobby knife:

The Finished Stamp

The finished stamp

The clip art, the finished stamp and the stamped image

Other tutorials on the web:

How to Carve a Stamp Print Block 101 – youtube video

Mairuru: How I carve a stamp with eraser – photo tutorial

Stamp carving – youtube video


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