How to make a magnet bookmark


In this tutorial I’m making a signature item for CumbyRock’s, creator of the geocaching news blog It’s Not About the Numbers. I’m using INATN’s geocoin image to create a magnet bookmark.

Photoshop CS5 was used to create the bookmark. If you don’t have Photoshop you might have success with free software products like Sumo Paint or GIMP

Creating the bookmark image

Start with a new file and set the canvas size. The canvas size for this bookmark is Width: 2.5 inches Height: 6 inches

There are 3 files opened – 1 file for the bookmark, 1 for the geocoin front image, 1 for the geocoin back image.

3 files open in Photoshop

Select the front image, then copy the image.

Paste it into the bookmark file (it currently is too big for the space, but keep reading)

Do the same for the back of the geocoin image

Drag the corners of each image to fit the front and back images into the canvas

Rotate (Image>Image Rotation) one of the images (I rotated the back image) 180 degrees. Later when I print out the bookmark I’m going to fold it in half so the rotated image will be right side up when the bookmark is folded.

Look at the right lower corner, you will see that there are 2 layers plus a background layer.

2 layers plus a background layer

Add another layer (Layer>New)

Fill that layer in black (Edit>Fill)

My bookmark is done. All I need to do now is save the image. I’m going to save it twice. Once as a .psd file so if I need to, I can make changes to the layers later on. And once as a jpg file. I’m going to insert the jpg file into a Word document so that I can print off a sheet of multiple bookmarks on to cardstock:

To assemble the bookmark:

Use box cutters to cut out a bookmark (or a paper cutter or trimmer)

Cutting out a bookmark with a box cutter

The bookmark before it’s folded

The bookmark before it's folded

To fold the bookmark in half, line up the corners

line up the corners

Then carefully and slowly pinch toward the middle to crease the fold accurately

Pinch and fold

Finish the crease with a bone folder


Tip: if you’re bookmark is black on white paper when you crease the paper some of the white paper will show through. Use a black permanent marker to cover up the white bits.

Black permanent marker

Now it’s time to attach magnets to the inside of the folded bookmark. You can buy flat magnets at the dollar store.

Magnet roll

Put the 2 pieces of magnet together with the waxed paper facing out and cut a length that’s just shorter then the width of the bookmark.

Cutting a section of magnet

Separate the 2 magnets. Take the wax paper off the one and place the magnet sticky side down onto the inside cover of the bookmark


First magnet on the bookmark

Next place the second magnet on top of the first magnet, waxy paper side up. Peel off the wax paper.

Press the cover onto the sticky back of the magnet

Press the cover onto sticky back of magnet

Here’s what it looks like when you open up the bookmark

Opened bookmark with magnets

Your bookmark is finished and ready to use in a book

Bookmark in a book


2 Responses to How to make a magnet bookmark

  1. Lc says:

    Can this be done using photoshop elemelements?

    • *R* says:

      Sorry, I don’t know. I used Photoshop Elements about a decade ago. My guess is yes I think it can be done with Photoshop Elements. But I haven’t used newer versions of PE.

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